Family Friendly Whitby Storyteller Ghost Walk

Three buggys. Cobbled alleyways. Flights of stairs. Strange flickering lantern light. A gathering of all ages. And unruly, unpredictable characters that showed up in the strange tales, myths and supernatural folklore of Whitby and the North York Moors. This was the scene a few nights ago, when the crowd gathered for this family friendly Ghost Walk on the West Cliff.

I have never had as many as three buggys on a tour and was a little apprehensive. Some might think there would have been whining from small children and babies. But not a jot, you could have heard a pin drop. To the visitors from the capital, I commend you all for the fortitude and sheer enthusiasm that enabled you to propel and carry your beloved children around the streets and alleyways, so that both they and you could enjoy an hour of entertainment, thrill, laughter, and extraordinary tale telling about this unique town and it's surroundings. To other guests from around our sceptred isle, children and assembled adults, who allowed themselves to listen to stories and roll with the flow, I commend you also for your good humour and energetic participation.

There is a short gap in programme next week while the storyteller is away. But back soon, to continue walking the liminal, brushing up against the gothic and generally raising mayhem in the streets of this ancient riverborn and seafaring town.


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