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  • Thank you all who came in 2018 for the storytelling, the Guided walking Tours of Whitby and the Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walks

    Thank you all who came in 2018 for the storytelling, the Guided walking Tours of Whitby and the Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walks

    This weekend I will run one of the last ghost walks of the year in Robin Hood’s Bay and one of the last Guided Walking Tours of Whitby before the winter break. The last storytelling event took place around the fireside of the White Horse and Griffin. It has been possibly the busiest year I have ever had. The walks and events were created some time ago and arose out of a wild act of faith, and a sense of loyalty to the landscapes I grew up in.

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  • Winter Solstice in Whitby

    Winter Solstice in Whitby

    The winter solstice is nearly upon us and whatever is going on in the world, the earth still spins around the sun and we are bound within the cycles of nature.

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  • Ghosts and Robin Hood's Bay

    Ghosts and Robin Hood's Bay

    March and early May were freezing. Going out at night to run a ghost walk is always a challenge in the cold months. Smaller groups and down to minus zero, I wonder how long I can keep this up for. Knees hurt, back hurts, hands are frozen even with thick gloves on and everything is stiff with cold. But yet and yet… there is never a time that my heart doesn’t start to sing when I get out of the car and take in the view over the Bay. An epic panorama of cliffs, sea and sky, never the same twice, ever changing. Extraordinary, dramatic, breathtaking. It has a song.

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  • Esk Valley

    Esk Valley

    I grew up on the banks of the River Esk in the valley outside Whitby. Deep cradle, an enchanted realm. An earthing lullaby, a wild childhood.

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  • The Guided Tour of Whitby - With a Difference

    The Guided Tour of Whitby - With a Difference

    It is impossible to run a guided walk of Whitby without delving deeply into its relationship with the sea and surrounding landscape. This is a place that was forged from the mud, blood, rocks and oceans of existence..bent, bowed, subjugated and honed by the elemental forces of nature. It is a living mythology.

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  • Halloween Ghost Walks

    Halloween Ghost Walks

    It is said that there was a time, perhaps not so long ago, on the eve of this festival of all festivals.. when the whole land was overrun with spirits, bogles, knockers, spectres and ghosts, hobgoblins, clabbernappers, kitty-witches, jack-o-lanterns, jinny-burnt-tails and apparitions of every possible shape, form, fashion, kind and description; that there was not a village in England that had not its own peculiar ghost.

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  • Whitby Walking Tours

    Whitby Walking Tours

    As we sink into the glories of autumn and Halloween begins to loom, the ghost walks are in full swing. But I haven’t really said much this year about my favourite walk - the Walking Tour of Whitby. I meet with so many interesting people who privately book this tour and often get to know them a little better than the good folks who come on the ghost walks, because there is a personal connection made during the booking process.

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  • Whitbystorteller Ghost Walk Reviews

    Whitbystorteller Ghost Walk Reviews

    August, magic afoot, a thronging to the beaches and caves, rockpools and rivers, moors, valleys and old ways.

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  • Mid-summer in Robin Hood's Bay

    Mid-summer in Robin Hood's Bay

    Mid summer…the artist’s canvas ever changing over Robin Hood’s Bay. Hues and heavenly colours of summer evenings as the ghost walk sets off into the sinking of day, into the dimpsie time, the gloaming, the twilight. The magic time.

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  • The Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk

    The Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk

    Back in the Bay..phew. Sometimes expansion is not always a good thing. I have discovered that daytime Walking Tours of Whitby and private bookings for a Whitby Ghost Walk work really well. But I have been spoiled by Robin Hood’s Bay and running a public ghost walk in Whitby in the evenings did not suit this storyteller. Traffic, noise, constant interruption, does not lend itself to my style of telling. So I am back full time running the ghost walks in the Bay, this beautiful and timeless old village, where magic simply turns up.

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