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The Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk

The Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk

Back in the Bay..phew. Sometimes expansion is not always a good thing. I have discovered that daytime Walking Tours of Whitby and private bookings for a Whitby Ghost Walk work really well. But I have been spoiled by Robin Hood's Bay and running a public ghost walk in Whitby in the evenings did not suit this storyteller. Traffic, noise, constant interruption, does not lend itself to my style of telling. So I am back full time running the ghost walks in the Bay, this beautiful and timeless old village, where magic simply turns up.

Robin Hood's Bay is a magical, evocative and much gentler place to work. It is also boisterous and eccentric, but with its own ineffabel charm, has managed to stave off the modern world of homogenised Britain, the high street culture and dumbing down of our intelligent landscapes, as much as it can. The traffic into the dock can get a little heavy in the summer months as holiday makers try to unload their vehicles for a stay in any one of the old fishermen's cottages, but apart from that, the Bay retains the same charm, magic and elemental mysteries as it did when my grandfather came here and bought a cottage during WW11, over the hill at Hawsker.

I was plonked in the rockpools in nappies and never looked back. Parents sent me to school here. Well, of course. Returning much later in life to run a ghost walk here, well that was a complete accident, but a happy one. How much longer I will do this, I cannot say. The walk has been running for five years now and each year, after a long season I think it might be time to quit. But then I find myself walking back down the hill for another new season, heart singing at my utter luck that I get to come and work in a place like this. I meet many people from all over Britain and indeed the four corners of the earth. Folk who come here seem to be bushy tailed and of good humour. I am glad of their company, for the short time we are together, and it is still a surprise when people turn up at all.

It is a fickle and unpredictable job and the winters are long, but I am inextricably connected with the weather, the patterns of the seasons, with earth, sea, moor and sky. And I wouldn't have it any other way.