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Whitbystorteller Ghost Walk Reviews

Whitbystorteller Ghost Walk Reviews

August, magic afoot, a thronging to the beaches and caves, rockpools and rivers, moors, valleys and old ways.

August, fully alive, crammed with crowds seeking a hard earned holiday, things to do, fun events and all without breaking the bank if possible. This year the prices are still the same as they were six years ago. The consensus among local ghost walks is that it's time to increase the tariff just a little, to stay afloat... but maybe next year.

Perhaps there has been so much goodwill between us and the crowds over the years, and we know how much folk must be spending to have a holiday here, that we have been ever reluctant to raise the price even when it is we who are out of pocket. Just goes to show, not everyone is out to exploit.

This year, however, there seems to be an ever increasing culture of 'review leaving'. Most of the time opinion seems favourable and it is appreciated when positive feedback can lift the flagging spirits.

But when people start to leave dissatisfied reviews on Tripadviser, or anywhere else, not only is it disappointing because so much effort goes into providing a fun walk, but for a few shekels and an hour of fun, if it doesn't meet expectations, why bother to shoot it down in flames?

I always say you can't please all of the people all of the time. But it does seem that a few folk believe their every demand should be met, like supermarket shopping. Folk who allow their children to run riot through the crowd and chunter constantly for attention. It's a free world, bring them up as you wish. But when they arrive on my ghost walk and start spoiling it for everyone else, please don't try to destroy my livelihood with a hatchet review, all because I told little Johnny to pipe down. There is a whole crowd to entertain and usually many other children who might also like some of my attention.

So folks, you can always ask for your money back and I will return it gladly. Do please think hard before you go leaving your fiftieth review this year about someone's business because your opinion is so important and because you feel you must try to destroy someone's reputation because you were not happy with what you got.

And for all those good folks who had the warmth of heart to leave a word of encouragement for someone who turns out in all weathers and makes a living telling stories in the street, a heartfelt thank you. Please come again.