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Halloween Ghost Walks

Halloween Ghost Walks


It is said that there was a time, perhaps not so long ago, on the eve of this festival of all festivals.. when the whole land was overrun with spirits, bogles, knockers, spectres and ghosts, hobgoblins, clabbernappers, kitty-witches, jack-o-lanterns, jinny-burnt-tails and apparitions of every possible shape, form, fashion, kind and description; that there was not a village in England that had not its own peculiar ghost. Every lone dwelling place with a story to tell had its bogle, its spectre, or its knocker. The churches, churchyards, and crossroads were all haunted. Every country lane had its boulder-stone on which an apparition kept watch at night. Every common had its circle of fairies belonging to it. And rarely had a night watchman not seen a spirit...

Halloween in Robin Hood's Bay

rarely could there be a more magical place to welcome in All Hallows Eve..away from the modern world of supermarkets, cash machines and corporate coffee shops, the village hugs the cliffs in this rare, remote, storybook village. Forged by its relationship with the sea and supernatural landscape of the moors ..a village cut off from the rest of the country by moors that local folk believed for centuries to be a crossing place, bridge to purgatory, undertaken by the spirit after death. A landscape believed to be populated more than most by ghosts and elemental beings.

Robin Hood's Bay was a village pitted against a wild sea offering bold adventure, conquest, rich harvest and untimely death. The highway was the sea and the sea both friend and nemesis. Many men would return from their voyages to report sightings of ghost ships, merfolk, strange phenomena. Superstition was rife, excitement always afoot, fear skulked in dark corners. What times and what tales to tell..

The Ghost Walk sets off from the slipway in the dock and is a lantern-led storywalk around the old village. This is the month where you can feel excitement picking up a pace, spirit beings gathering on the rooftops to laugh and gossip among gulls and curlews, flocking to a growing elemental gathering. This will become a torrent when the door between the worlds open, and for this one night in the year, they can move freely among us on the other side of the veil, in this physical realm...

Faeries alight, boggles abound, ghosts on the move and all will be welcome who come to walk the ghostly trail..bring your torches and lanterns, dress up warm and put on your finest to celebrate this most magical of nights. There will be regular walks leading up to Halloween and two walks on the night (early one for smaller children).

Hope to see you there or in the run-up.