Whitby Storyteller


Thank you all who came in 2018 for the storytelling, the Guided walking Tours of Whitby and the Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walks

Thank you all who came in 2018 for the storytelling, the Guided walking Tours of Whitby and the Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walks

This weekend I will run one of the last ghost walks of the year in Robin Hood's Bay and one of the last Guided Walking Tours of Whitby before the winter break. The last storytelling event took place around the fireside of the White Horse and Griffin. It has been possibly the busiest year I have ever had. The walks and events were created some time ago and arose out of a wild act of faith, and a sense of loyalty to the landscapes I grew up in.

I am always incredibly grateful for the peole who come, from all over the country and all over the world to listen to my funny little tales, to allow me to vent the politically incorrect and to hear my tasteless jokes. But moreso to enjoy a shared love of story and of this incredible, unfathomably beautiful, magical earth.

It was through a sheer happy accident that I trained as a storyteller in the wilds of Dartmoor and brought back what I had learned. Which was essentailly to allow myself to be claimed by a place, to become a cultural custodian of my own few miles, and to tell the stories of the land and its people. I was born here and had always tried to leave. This gave me a way to stay.

I discovered that our extraordinary island holds an unending mythology of folktales, ghost stories, ancient legends. That much of what we diminish into the fantasy realms of the spooky, is in fact incredibly powerful and the supernatural is present everywhere.

Stories have arrived from many sources, informed by the local. I have studied, read, burrowed into many avenues and discovered simple and profound truths when it comes to our relationship with spirit and land, with magic and mystery. 

We live on a garden spinning in space, woven through with light, enchantment, wonder, and invisible realities that influence everything and yet can be impossible to comprehend.

We ourselves are born magical, with many capacities, multi dimensional beings. Our souls are nourished by our inseparable relationship with earth and a certain light that is present here.

But we share a common struggle to survive now in a world that fed us the lie that having stuff will make us happy. That lures us away from the wild, the wet and the muddy and seduces us with comfort and flashing screens. A culture that is putting out the light.

We are becoming like hungry ghosts, having everything but less and less of what nourishes us.

But I know this. I am now more than ever grateful and hopeful, humbled and reassured by all the good people who come to my walks, listen to my stories and who so obviously care. The love for magic, mystery, the supernatural and the great outdoors is alive and well on our ancient island. 

I thank you all for coming, for crossing my palm with silver and for lifting my spirits again and again. Don’t forget there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground. See you out there in 2019! Warmest, Rose.