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  • The Whitby Storteller Ghost Walk

    The Whitby Storteller Ghost Walk

    The new Whitby Storyteller Ghost Walk is finding its stride and today I thought it was time to share a bit of old history, the stuff that informs my stories.

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  • Spring in the Esk Valley

    Spring in the Esk Valley

    Spring…Ostara…she arrived, robes resplendant, wild wand emerald greening, drawing flower from grey winter soil, bringing rowdy morning chorus, sending messages down river, wild water skipping rapids, river’s rhythm section; swallows diving, purple streaks of sheer delight, sun’s dusty messengers, newly arrived from Africa. Spring…she stayed a while and then left.

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  • Book Whitby Storyteller for your Event

    Book Whitby Storyteller for your Event

    Storytelling last night for Peafield Lane Primary School. What a great bunch. The curiosity and genuine innocence of children is always a joy. Their minds just don’t join the dots in the same ways adults do. They ask questions adults just wouldn’t, their curiosity is unending, their answers to my questions bear no trace of corruption.

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  • Did You Know...? 10 Facts About Whitby

    Did You Know...? 10 Facts About Whitby

    St Hilda arrived in the sixth century to build her monastery on a deserted, bleak, windswept headland. It was, it is said, covered in snakes and her young novices were so frightened that Hilda drove the snakes to the cliff edge by sheer force of will, by thumping her staff into the soil and incanting old celtic pagan magical language. The snakes became powerless and as they fell backwards from the cliff to their doom, they were so petrified of the power of this great seer, that they turned to stone in mid air and when they hit the rocks below, their heads snapped off.

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  • Family Friendly Whitby Storyteller Ghost Walk

    Family Friendly Whitby Storyteller Ghost Walk

    Three buggys. Cobbled alleyways. Flights of stairs. Strange flickering lantern light. A gathering of all ages. And unruly, unpredictable characters that showed up in the strange tales, myths and supernatural folklore of Whitby and the North York Moors. This was the scene a few nights ago, when the crowd gathered for this family friendly Ghost Walk on the West Cliff.

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  • New Ghost Walks 2015

    New Ghost Walks 2015

    I am on the eve of launching a brand new ghost walk in Whitby - The Whitby Storyteller Ghost Walk, starting on Good Friday on West Cliff from the whalebone arch, at 8 pm. This also coincides with the launch of the new website. It has been, as ever, an unfolding creative process, and now that all the hard work is coming to a head, I am reflecting on how it all began, and the journey over the last four years with the Robin Hoods Bay Ghost Walk.

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