Robin Hood's Bay

Guided Walks and Storytelling for Education

with Rose Rylands Ba Hons PGCE

“Rose is a charismatic storyteller who can really capture the attention of young people. She is brimming with energy and life, and brings humour, mystery and a passionate love of the natural world to her stories. She also points towards important truths and can reconnect her listeners with a deeper sense of meaning.”

Dr Justine Huxley, Programme Director, St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace & Reconciliation, London

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Stories that delight, engage, inform, entertain and inspire. Stories for curriculum. The North York Moors and Coast, Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay provide a rich and storied landscape brimming with folklore and incredible histories. Maritime adventure, shipwrecks, smuggling, Dracula, Captain Cook, the great Benedictine abbey ruins and tales ranging from dinosaurs to Dracula, vikings and merfolk to ghost ships, whaling, legendary lifeboat rescues, infamous outlaws, witches and ancient magical woodlands. 

A wealth of local history, lore and legend, painted in pictures through story. More vital today than ever, storytelling can bring us into a deeper relationship with the places we visit or live, while awakening us to a magical, multi-dimensional world that is both within us and around us. By stimulating imagination and memory in this way, children find it easier to not only remember words and facts, but to create their own stories.

I run guided walking tours of Whitby, ghost and Dracula walks, and smuggling walks for schools - all with age adaptable content. I also deliver indoor storytelling events in situ at the venue of your stay. 

Please contact to book.

Educational prices for guided walks in 2023: £130 - £150 depending on group size.

Indoor events £140.

Whitby Abbey

Earth, Myth and the Sacred

Falling into right relationship with Earth through story

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Red Squirrel

Storytelling for Outdoor Learning

Enchanting language and wilding the inner and outer landscapes

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Storytelling for English Language

Keeping alive a rich vocabulary and means of expression

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Blue Sky and Field

Educational Prices

  • Ghost Walks, Smuggling Tours, Whitby Walking Tours and all other outdoor events for education cost £4.00 per student (under 14) and £5 for adults/teachers. Group discounts are available according to group size. Please see end of page for further information.
  • Storytelling Evenings cost £120
  • Half day storytelling events in schools cost £160

Storytelling for Outdoor Learning

Stories are a fun and effective way to connect learners with place and history. There are a variety of storytelling evenings, tours and events available for schools and learner groups.

Recent studies also illustrate the urgent need for action to reconnect children with earth, ecology and nature, in its wildest and most magical sense.

One way to feel a sense of awe and a close relationship with the world around us, with the sky, with nature, is by listening to local folklore, legend and the old earth myths.

Earth, Myth and the Sacred

A new container for R.E? Schools are now multi-cultural and mixed faith in many parts of Britain. But for all of humanity there is only one sacred Earth. Stories have an important role to play in helping children explore the sacred in a wider sense, in their relationship with nature and the earth.

Storytelling for English Language

Storytelling is one of the few remaining non - technological ways in which to hold a child's attention. and help them to listen, relate to, and learn from the spoken word. Stories empower use of language, creativity and imagination.

Storytelling services going into schools for curriculum and learning are available.

All of the above are available by booking and prices depend on time required, group/class sizes, whether it is a morning in a school, an evening event, an outdoor tour or a specific request for something special.

But general guidelines are:

Ghost Walks, Smuggling Tours, Whitby Walking Tours and all other outdoor events

  • £4.00 per student (under 14) and £5 for adults/teachers
  • Storytelling evenings (1-1.5 hours) £ 120
  • Half a day in school : £165

I am aware that budgets vary dramatically between schools and some of the smaller primaries don't have big budgets. Therefore special rates are available in such cases and prices are always negotiable. It is the policy of this storyteller that these services should never be prohibitive due to cost.


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