Storytelling for Outdoor Learning

What do children know of a world where time can stretch or shrink, move in circles or fly like an arrow? What do they know of the archetypes, spirits of wild places, elemental forces that drive a howling gale, salt wall of the storm? Mermaid crested waves and old sea gods, or myth lines strung out along remote moors and valleys?

What do they know of slumbering beasts that still breathe beneath this ancient landscape... endless oak forests that once stretched from the south-west, to seas fat with salmon and trout on northern shores... meadows ablaze with wildflowers, skies alive with hawk and eagle; do they know the stories that bind the earth together?

From the wild moors and valleys to the cobbled streets and seagull cry of the coastal town, from St. Hilda to smugglers, great sail ships and exploring the high seas, from Robin Hood to Captain Cook, from Domesday to Dracula there is an unending stream of old stories about this remote landscape and its extraordinary characters. From the famous to the unsung hero, there are stories for all, to captivate and inform, to amuse and to remember.

Great spotted woodpecker on birch tree next to hole


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