Whitby Storyteller


Smuggling, Whitby Jet and the Old Port

Find out how smuggling has shaped the history of the North East coast and transformed the lives of folk who lived here. Wander around the harbour, streets and alleyways of the old town in either Whitby or Robin Hood's Bay and discover hidden tunnels, learn of secret passageways and hidey holes while you listen to tales of smugglers and daring exploits.

Smuggling Tours may be conducted in both locations and can be particular to smuggling but also include other local history if required.

Whitby Jet, rare and unique, has been held in value since Roman times but became especially famous during the times of Queen Victoria. Discover its origins, uses and history, and the way in which it has shaped the town of Whitby.

Jet ring

Whaling and ship building left an indelible mark on the port of Whitby, shaping its history and the present. See the harbourside and town through the lens of days of the tall ships, blubberhouses, whalebones and wild tales from the Arctic. These walks are flexible and may include any other content should it be of interest.