Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk

Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk Reviews

Here are some of our favourite reviews and emails from visitors who have attended the Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk:

"I loved this story tour of robin hood’s bay. Not what some would expect. No dressed-up characters leaping out of doorways. Instead a deeply moving, magical, grounded and connected story-telling of robin hood’s bay, of ancient pathways across the moors, of lovers, and shipwrecks, and coffins and graveyards crumbling into the sea. Our kids 11 and 13 were fascinated. I didn’t feel scared instead I felt deeply connected to the landscape and history and was reminded of our connectedness
I was reminded of work by Giles Barrow and alienation from the landscape and connectedness. Soil. Soul. And Society. The three ways we need to connect; to self, other and the land upon which we live.
We met some ghosts on the way, some smuggler tales, hatred of the kings men and the naval press gang. And we met lovers and sailors’ souls being collected and driven back out to sea
Not the Disney ghost train, far more the ancient craft of story telling by the skilled story teller" Andy W, May 2019

"We came on the ghost walk and loved it!! I found your love for the area its life n history inspiring, warm and beautiful. Your use of language had me enthralled.
Thank you." Jayne December 2019

"Thank you Rose, we had a wonderful and unforgettable time with you, the photo is lovely thank you - Love from Diane and Chris xx" December 2019

"We have wanted to go on a Ghost Walk for ages and glad we did. Amazing atmosphere with a fantastic host, funny knowledgeable and a great story teller. We had a brilliant time and it was well worth the money, highly recommend this tour. We have visited Robin Hoods Bay many times, and have learnt so much more about it now we have done the Ghost Walk" J Straw Dec 2019


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