Whitby Storyteller


“The children love Rose coming in to school and she is booked now to come in regularly every term. The children are always asking, 'when is the storyteller coming back?' She delivers stories based around topics that the children are studying. This not only gives them another perspective on the subject but also enables their listening skills, widens their vocabulary and assists the teachers to embed their subject knowledge. I heartily recommend her to other schools.”

Caroline Spencer, Headmistress, Sleights Cof E Primary School

“Rose brought tales of gruesome deeds and the lives of Whitby folk of byegone days to life, with her skilled and colourful storytelling, which our pupils/girls were mesmerised by and are still retelling”

Sarah Groombridge, teacher, Sheffield High Junior School

“Thank you so much for coming into school. The children had a brilliant time and really enjoyed the story telling and the singing ( We sung the song in assembly the day after). Both the groups enjoyed the stories and were talking about them for the rest of the week before we broke up for half term.”

Laura Little, teacher, Oakridge Community Primary School, Hinderwell, near Whitby.

“The story that I will remember most is the giants who created the Hole of Horcum by throwing bits of earth at each other...and it created the Hole of Horcum. Thanks again for telling us those stories. I will never forget them.”

Letter from Hollie, Sheffield High

“My favourite story was, guess! Robin Hood and Little John doing a competition....my second favourite was the pub where the smugglers brought salt and tea....they buried him under the fire and wouldn't let it burn out...I learnt I shouldn't go round St. Mary's church 3 times or I might.... We would have loved you to go on all night.”

Letter from Lucy, Sheffield High