Whitby Storyteller


Storytelling for English Language

We live in a time where our deep, rich english language is being lost bit by bit, like the many species that are becoming extinct in the world around us. The children of today have been called 'The Ten Percent' generation, because they are born into a world where only ten percent remains of all that was before and they think it's normal. Author Robert MacFarlane reported in 2015 that the latest version of the Oxford Junior Dictionary had eliminated words it no longer considered relevant to a modern-day childhood.

Cosmic Turtle

Many children now suffer from what has been termed 'Nature deficit disorder'. We are inextricably linked to landscape and without a meaningful connection with earth and nature, we wither and ail, something in us becomes impoverished. Whether outside on a walking tour, ghost walk, or sitting indoors and hearing stories, Rose's use of language brings alive the rich word hoard of nature, reconnecting the audience with a world of wild magic and deep spirit. Stories connect children with use of language, with deep listening, with their own creative imaginations and with their environment.

“The children love Rose coming in to school and she is booked now to come in regularly every term. The children are always asking, 'when is the storyteller coming back?' She delivers stories based around topics that the children are studying. This not only gives them another perspective on the subject but also enables their listening skills, widens their vocabulary and assists the teachers to embed their subject knowledge. I heartily recommend her to other schools.”

Caroline Spencer, Headmistress, Sleights Cof E Primary School