Whitby Storyteller


The Whitby Ghost Walk

Available only as a privately booked event lasting 75 - 80 minutes. For couples, families, groups and schools. Great fun for special occasions, gatherings and memorable events.

Whitby...a town perched between two supernatural thresholds - the moors and the sea. The Whitby Ghost Walk is rich with extraordinary history, stories of the magical and mysterious, of shipwrecks, sailors, superstitions and the supernatural, of wild adventure and impossible facts about this most ancient place.

199 Steps St Mary's

Windswept cliffs tower over the harbour estuary where the river waters flow down from the high moor into the deep green valleys and out into a wild North Sea. Whitby is the perfect place for a ghost walk!

Bringing new, exciting and entertaining Tales of the Strange and Supernatural, mingling with ancient legend, maritime drama, spiritual mysteries and rip roaring ghost stories. The Whitby Ghost Walk lasts around 75 minutes and is available for private booking.  More info below and see other pages for reviews and comments.

Please see Robin Hood's Bay Ghost Walk for regular programme of weekly walks running throughout the year where you can just turn up and buy individual tickets.

Where and When does the Whitby Ghost Walk Start?

The walks starts at the top of the 199 steps outside St. Mary's church or another pre-arranged place.

Minimum booking fee: £55 couples £70 - 90 for smaller groups (up to ten members) Groups exceeding 10 members: £8.00 adult and £4 child (under 16) 

Discounts are available for large numbers and educational groups.

Enquiries 01947 895122  email info@whitbystoryteller.co.uk

The Whitby Ghost Walk is suitable for all ages and great for groups, wedding entertainment, family activities and school groups